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We wish every action the state takes towards fixing a problem that it actually reaches remedy. This is not true in Sacramento County nor in the state of California. California has the best citizens. We should help them be the best that they can be.

Academic Gaps: We have students that continue to suffer academically due to bureaucratic clogs and conflicts of adults in Sacramento County.

Student Mental Health:Our students are in crisis because of the actions taken by California for COVID-19. Our students need exceptional support for social-emotional self awareness and learning.

Parent Support: COVID-19 has taught us that our parents are vital members of the academic team and need the tools and support to support their own children.

Teacher Appreciation: As we suffer through the terrible pandemic we need to encourage our teachers because they are key to educating our students. We need to provide our teachers the very best tools to meet our students needs post COVID-19.

Homelessness: This is not just adults but thousands of students in Sacramento. If we believe in human dignity then we will solve this problem. Our homeless families deserve our support.

Financial Prudence: We need to focus on putting every dollar towards academic achievement, which requires our teachers with the best tools to monitor and advance student achievement.

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Paul Keefer for Sac County School Board 2022
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